Kraantje Pappie - Guardian Van De Real Shit

Kraantje Pappie - Guardian Van De Real Shit

The Guardian Van De Real Shit - Trilogy
Kraantje Pappie is a renowned name in the Dutch hiphop scene. He came to KUDO with a seriously large project! We were asked to mix and master 3 full albums.
Around this time Kraantje Pappie moved together with his agency Bankpioneers next to our studios and since the we have worked together even more tightly!

Working on the project was not only hard work but also a lot of fun. We made long days spanning from early in the morning to late in the evening. Kraantje Pappie was around checking the mixes and thinking with us, which made everything stand out that much more!
The project was a succes, like most things Kraantje Pappie does. The album was released on Noah's Ark and thus Universal Music who made a lot of noise about it.

The trilogy got a lot of media attention:

Top 40

Also be sure to check out the second and third albums.
We are honoured to have worked on this trilogy and to have been part of an amazing team.



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