Happy Smugglers - Be Festival Ready

Happy Smugglers - Be Festival Ready


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Client: Happy Smugglers
A good friend of ours, Alfons, and his company Blackbirds made this video. Together with his team of Smugglers they started their own Kickstarter Campaign. They are the masterminds that created the Happy Smuggler underpants that comes with a very special super secret smuggling compartment to bring all of your valuable stuff! Now -because of this awesome Kickstarter campaign- these undies are being sold globally!

We were involved early on in the process, which is why we had a very clear picture of the concept and knew for what kind of feel they were going. With the concept of the special undies in mind we started composing and brainstorming about the musical part of it. We thought it would be really awesome if Happy Smugglers had their own original theme song, so that's what we created!

The campaign got incredible media attention; first Vice Netherlands, which was later published to the Vice United States site. Also the local news agencies in the Netherlands picked up on the story. Here's the at5 and Spunk articles.

If you'd like to keep up as their story progresses, we'd like to recommend you to follow their Twitter, LinkedIn and their Instagram.

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